The Back Support
is a device that will help eliminate the concern
about any undo stress to the guitar neck and body,
while being in a guitar stand.
It fits right onto the stands neck and can be slid up and down
to the best position, according to the type of guitar.

The felt padded extension can be adjusted with a set screw,
to fit against the guitar back,
so it holds the guitar neck slightly away from the stands yoke.

This way the back of the guitar is supported while the neck yoke
and latch system secures the guitar until you are ready to play.
There are those who believe
this extra stress on a neck is so minor, it's virtually non-existent.
While others believe in time, will cause serious damage.

Regardless of the true condition,
my intention is to eliminate the concern.

Less neck stress.
For guitar
and's a good thing!
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