Hi Scott - -I just wanted to let you know we received the guitar stand and it’s beautiful - -I may order another - -just haven’t
decided yet.
Kathryn    Weston, MA
Hi Scott.  It arrived in perfect shape.  Love the stand!!!
These are really great stands, that truly compliment the craftsmanship of that great guitar.
Thanks, Rod    MD
Thank you! My husband and I were very excited to find you on the internet. I have been looking for months for a really nice
handmade guitar stand for his acoustic guitar. Your designs are terrific and craftsmanship's appears excellent. I am an artist and
find great pleasure in beautiful work that not only has a sense for design, but is also practical. It is an anniversary gift for him that
we picked out together. Thanks again!
Kitty and Chuck    Sacramento, CA
Hey Scott, I got the wall stands and they are awesome. I sent a picture of 3 out of the 14 of my collection so you could see how well
they fit. I wanted to thank you for being patient and making the custom adjustments to fit these large acoustic basses. I have been
collecting for a long time and have never wanted to hang these high dollar instruments by the neck. Now that I have the wall
stands I don't have to worry about any damage. You really have a great product.
Thanks again,  Conrad
I purchased a stand from Scott as a Christmas present for a friend  with a beautiful Martin 00-28.  She absolutely loves the stand
and if  she's not playing her Martin it's in the stand, or it's "home" as she calls it.  There are so many cheap, plastic or chrome
stands on the market but if you really want something to compliment your high-end instrument, these are the only stands that
make the cut.  I hope to get one for myself, and my Martin 00-17, sometime soon!
Shawn    Cherry Hill, NJ
Hi Scott,
I just received my guitar stand and I am very pleased with the overall craftsmanship.
I spent quite some time looking for a stand to compliment my Martin 000-28ECB and my living room décor.
Most of the stands I found were more contemporary by design and would not blend very well in our country setting.
I have to say it is a very suitable match. It is superbly built with nice laminate work and the guitar fits nice and snug.
The Oak / Cherry combination offers a nice contrast and looks absolutely beautiful.
Peter Vilardi
Design Engineer
I received the stand and I am impressed with the design as well as the looks. I had looked at several different wooden stands
this design was the one that caught my attention. My new Martin looks great in the stand and as your site states if the guitar is
out of the case and in the stand it will be played more often.
Scott, I can't tell you how pleased I am on this guitar stand, you packed it
perfectly for shipment. I asked for a guitar stand and received a work of
art, I went out and bought a new martin 000-42 guitar to accent your piece.
Your craftsmanship is superb. THANKS SCOTT,   John    Vista, CA
I wanted to thank you for a beautiful guitar stand.  The attention to detail, the various wood inlays and the meticulous finish
make this stand one worth owning.  I currently have my dad's guitar displayed on it and I am thrilled with how it looks.  The
quality of this stand has me telling my guitar-enthusiast friends all about it.  THANK YOU!
Fairview, OR
Hello Scott,

The guitar stand arrived a few days ago and I'm very happy I bought it.  Just what I wanted, and Mike loves it! He couldn't
believe I bought it for him.  
Thank you for such a beautiful piece of work and the quick shipping.
J Bergmann
The guitar stand was a gift for my husband.
He is thrilled with your workmanship, the quality of the piece and the price!
He says that it is aesthetically pleasing, well balanced and beautifully crafted.
All of his guitars, both electric and acoustic, fit the stand perfectly.
You were wise to put some of your business cards in the drawer.  He has already shared them with some of his friends.
Thank you for helping me make his day!
Connie Camunas
I received my guitar stand today, shipped in perfect condition! I have to admit I was preparing myself for something a little more
"hand crafted" looking but what I got was a beautiful piece of furniture. The attention to detail and the finish were perfect. I
searched numerous companies and websites for a nice furniture-like wooden guitar stand, I definitely made the right choice.
Thank you!
Mark Faucett
Kissimmee FL

The stand looks great.  I am very impressed with the quality and workmanship.  
The different colors of the wood make it a beautiful work of art.  
My guitar is safe and can not be easily knocked over, but yet is a conversation piece that people admire.  
Thank you for the time and effort you put in making this guitar stand.  It is a welcome addition to my home.                   
Thanks again,    

Mike    Robertsville, MO
Received the stand last week and it is beautiful.   No damage.   You have created a beautiful guitar stand that we both love.   
Thank you.
cheers, b   Calgary Alberta
I received the guitar stand yesterday afternoon and it is exactly as I had hoped.  It is absolutely beautiful
and the craftsmanship is excellent.  Thank you for finishing the work as promised and delivering even a little
earlier than I expected.  I will use  the stand for many years to come and it makes owning and
playing my guitar even more enjoyable.
Thanks again,
Hood River, Oregon
Packaging was great and it looks every bit as good as did on the web sight.  
I recently bought a Gibson SJ-200 which is sitting naturally in the stand right now (almost like it is part of the guitar).... much
better than the aluminum tube stands that my other
guitars sit in.  I will be buying another.
Thanks so much for exceptional service and a first class product.
B. Scott Kern, Erie PA.
The guitar stand that you crafted for Lieutenant General Rochelle's
(Deputy Chief of Staff, Army G-1) Farewell Retirement gift was
absolutely beautiful.  As an avid guitarist and a military officer for
over 37 years of service to our nation, the stand was a unique and
cherished gift.  I am attaching some photos from his retirement dinner
hosted by the Army G-1 family.
Thank you so much for your exquisite attention to detail and support.
Kerry Moores

LTC Kerry E. Moores
Officer Personnel Program Analyst
Strength Analysis and Forecasting Division Army G1 Pentagon
Hi Scott,
I'm writing on behalf of my wife Judy who recently purchased Stand #51 for me and my guitars.  It arrived in perfect condition
via UPS last Friday.  I was very impressed with the thought and care you invested in the packaging of the item for shipping.  
The stand was bagged and then surrounded by styrofoam peanuts in a very heavy duty cardboard box.  Then each point on the
chunk of styrofoam.  Excellent!
I have four dreadnoughts which I will rotate from time to time on the stand.    
We chose the #51 because we liked it's lines and finish and we thought it would compliment the original pine flooring and wood
trim in the living room of our 169 year old home.  It looks great just as we thought.  We're very happy with the purchase.  Keep
up the good work!
Keith Fields

I received the walnut and beech guitar stand (#50) yesterday. Wow, I have to admit it looks every bit as beautiful in person as it
does on the photos on your website! The quality of the wood you used is absolutely first rate. And the craftsmanship, which is so
evident in the joinery and snug fit of the component parts, is impeccable. I would happily recommend your work to anyone looking
for both form and function in a guitar stand. Best of luck .
Vince Mendoza
Jazz Bassist
British Columbia, Canada
Work of heart, art of work. Thanks so much.
Michel from Quebec
My sincere thanks to all who have responded with their gracious comments.
Scott Alderfer
Wow! You do very fine work. Really a piece of art. You may quote me.
Mark Silinsky,  Senior Civil Servant, Washington, DC
The mandolin in it is beautiful, but it covers your superb craftsmanship, so I may just have to play it more often so my
guests may see the stand in all it's splendor. The design definitely proves that excellent form will lead to excellent
function .
Thank you again for sharing your skills with us all.
Ian Patrick
Broomfield, Colorado
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the quality guitar stand from your company.  My Gibson J-200 has found its home with
your stand.  I appreciate the quality workmanship and beauty of the woodwork.  I will be ordering additional stands.  Your shipping
and customer service was excellent.
Bill Traylor
CEO, Mansion Entertainment
Nashville, TN
We received the stands a few days ago and they are absolutely beautiful.  My wife is thrilled to have such a well
crafted stand for two of her favorite guitars.  
Thank you,
Martha and Randy Gideon
Lines are clean, and the workmanship is the finest. It is a joy to display my Les Paul on this
piece of art.
Thanks, Scott.

Mark Silinsky,
Kensington, Maryland
Wow!  What beautiful workmanship, it is even more beautiful than pictured.  My husband had a custom guitar
made last year and this will be perfect for it.  You don't think when having a guitar made that you actually might
like a "custom" stand as well to display it (until you display it is something not so attractive!).  I'm so happy I
found your site!  

Thanks again,
What an absolutely stunning piece of woodworking!
The magnets used on the neck latch are unbelievably stronger than I had anticipated.  Everything lined up perfectly.
Every item and feature on this has not only been well thought out, but is totally functional.  Attention to the detail is the highest  
Sad to say, I am still putting my guitar on the wall hanger and not on the stand – the stand is so beautiful, I don’t want the guitar
hiding the stand where I can’t admire it!

I've been meaning to get this little "thanks" and review sent to you for awhile now, but at least I've had the opportunity to get to
know and enjoy the new guitar stand.  It is spectacular!

I'm glad I came across your design and craftsmanship, it is exactly what I was envisioning and hoping for.  Thanks again for all you
help with the ordering and delivery - - wonderful guitar stand!!

Tod Peterson
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how extremely satisfied I am with the South Maintain guitar stand I ordered
(Cherry and Walnut). The craftsmanship is first-rate, the design makes it like a piece of furniture, and the stabilty is excellent. I
live in the Northeast and have to frequently battle dry humidity, in spite of an in-line humidifier and two portable ones I use in
playing quite a bit off and on, I'll rotate my Collings OM and Martin 000 in the stand. I highly recommend your stands! Thanks again.

New Jersey
I received the guitar stand, it is beautiful, the curly maple drew me to the stand, it is much better constructed then others I
looked at, the recipient was thrilled.  I believe the guitar placed on the stand is a Gibson acoustic.  Thank you for extending
yourself to make sure I received the stand, it truly a piece of art.  Bonita

I received my banjo stand and everything looks great.  As I expected, your thoughtful design is not only functional but pleasing
to the eye.  The woodwork is superb and finished exactly as I requested.  Thank you so much, it is perfect!

Jack Spahr
The guitar stand arrived today nicely packed and in time for Christmas! It certainly is a wonderful piece of workmanship and
clever design with the use of magnets. I’m sure it will go nicely with the custom Huss and Dalton guitar that my friend will be
getting here soon.
Thanks for a great product!

Extremely happy with the stand for it’s a gift for our son-in-law.  The Model 1 guitar stand we purchased in walnut with cherry trim
looks very nice.  The two woods really complement the stand along with the workmanship, quality and innovativeness you put into
We received the  guitar stand on Tuesday and it arrived in great shape with no damage.  The stand was packed very well.  We are
very pleased with your work.  Everything about the stand has been well done up to and including the beautiful finish.  I have an
appreciation for good craftsmanship and your work exceeds my expectations.  Thanks for the great service and maintaining such
high standards.
Jim and Ruth Ann
Clever design with the use of magnets. I’m sure it will go nicely with the custom Huss and Dalton guitar that my friend will be
getting here soon.

Thanks for a great product!

Woodworks’ web site.
Thank you once again for taking the time to help me select the perfect mandolin stand, and combination of wood, to complement
my Dad’s Martin.
The entire piece, from the fit and finish, to the clever use of magnets on the safety latch, suede contact points and felt foot
pads were well thought out, and provide exceptional functionality.
You have created a stunning piece of art, to compliment another piece of art in my father’s mandolin. Both pieces will be
enjoyed, and treasured as family heirlooms, by this and future generations.

Best regards,
For months I been searching for the perfect guitar stand. My searches would always end up in frustration, they either look
good and lacked support or visa versa  until I came across your website. When my first order came in which was a floor stand I
knew I had made the right choice. I was equally impressed with the wall stand which I quickly mounted in my office. The quality
of the craftsmanship and the superior support is what differentiates your work from many others available.

Thanks again!!!
Michael V. Gisonda, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
custom made for my music room.  I'll be back for more.".

Dan Rose
Nashville, Tennessee
I want to tell you how much I am pleased with the mandolin stand I commissioned from you. This stand is the only mandolin stand I
was able to find on line that would hold a bowl back mandolin.  I especially like the stand's neck restraint using magnets-- clever,
and it works quite well.
The stand was a birthday gift to a beloved sister in law to display the mandolin she remembers watching her musician father play
when she was a small child. Both she and my brother are quite pleased with it.  Your beautiful stand allows her father's mandolin
no longer to be hidden in its case but to be displayed and enjoyed as a daily reminder of her deceased father and his lifelong love
for music.
Rich Chenault from San Diego
Today I received the model 1 guitar stand made out of cherry and curly maple. It's beautiful and well designed. I
searched quite a few sites before I selected yours. I was happily surprised how quickly you were able to custom make it
Today I received the model 1 guitar stand made out of cherry and curly maple. It's beautiful and well designed. I for me. I
highly recommend it.
Just received my new guitar stand from Scott at South Mt. I love it!!
day and Scott went out his way to answer questions I had about his finishing technique.
Great job Scott. I will recommend you highly.

Thomas Vale
the stand arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Attached is a picture of the stand with one of my Martins (1991 D-28 LSH). As you
know, when my wife redecorated our living room I was "asked" not to leave any of my guitars on the new furniture. I decided to
get a stand, but what I saw available was not satifactory to either me or my wife. All our furniture is made to oder, our chairs, for
example are from D.R. Dimes, The quality of your work fits right in.
Scott,  The guitar stand (model 3 ) that I ordered just arrived. The shipping was fast, the item well packed.
Congratulations to you on the service that you provide and what you give us musicians. This is not only
functional as a stand but is a very impressive piece of furniture that will last for generations to come.
'The Pidge' Al Pigeon,
Sault Saint Marie, On., Canada
Pictures really don't do it justice. It's a beautiful work of art and I couldn't be happier. It's a perfect fit for
my Martins. All the best,

Nick Badolato
Dear Scott
The guitar stand arrived today - safe and sound. Some words for your website ....
"It is a work of art and the nicest wooden guitar stand I've ever come across. It is certainly beautiful to
you just can't help but keep looking at it more than usual and consequently  picking it up and playing it
more than usual!"
With best wishes,
Matt Johnson
Hi Scott,
I just wanted to let you know that I gave the guitar stand to my husband last night for his birthday and he absolutely loved it!  I
producing such a lovely piece of art.
As I mentioned, it was important to me to find an appropriate way to display the instrument as it was left to me by my father,
R.L. Bomblatus, CPT, USMC Res, WIA Korea 1952, who passed away last October. He purchased the ukulele in the early 50's to
court my mother.
So, my sincere thank you for your artistic contribution to our family history and, your focused response to my original inquiry.
Best Regards,
Mark Bomblatus
Fort Worth, Texas
Hi Scott-
My guitar stand arrived last night professionally packed and then easily assembled (two screws).
Telecaster and even my Firebird. It’s a beauty: light weight, strong, lovely design and a joy to look at.  
I’ve wanted a simple, elegant wooden stand for some time and I’m glad I happened upon yours while
perusing The Gear Page.
Happy Holidays.

Got the stand today and I just love it! I saw pics online of your work and preferred your Type 1 design to all the other builders I
saw (some of which cost 2-3 times as much). I was able to verify you online and found nothing but praise for your craftsmanship- I
always double check when buying blind off the internet. Even my luthier had seen your stands! You obviously passed LOL and Im
glad I found your site and bought without fear. The small touches and quality are just awesome. I had no idea the hydrometer
wood cap (since I didn’t want the option) was MAGNETIC! Just brilliant!

REALLY fast shipping, awesome packing and great communication. Small businesses like yours deserve this much praise!

Your skill and care is obvious in every way. Thank you for a throne worthy of my Thorn Deluxe Guitar- it was my Christmas present
to myself. Everyone at the studio just loved it and I’ll be sure to let our string players know about you too!- Though I won’t be
surprised if they already do!

Thanks again and best wishes,
Joseph Gauthier
JEL Recording Newport Beach, CA
I received the banjo stand today, all the way down here in Australia. It is absolutely stunning. Very
delicate worksmanship, and great design. It holds my open-back perfectly, is completely secure
and sturdy, and the magnetic clamp for the neck is super convenient and looks great. So thanks a
lot - it will be on display in our house for many years to come. And thanks for looking into the
shipping options for me. It all worked very smoothly.

In my opinion, you have a very good looking, functional site that provides the info necessary for customers to understand
exactly what it is you build and to know if they are in the market for one, or more, of the wonderful products you craft. The stands
are beautiful and the high degree of skill that goes into their crafting is obvious.
Great work, excellent site!!
John A. Thomas, Web-site Administrator
Thank you for three pieces of artwork.  I have a custom made acoustic guitar, a custom made electric guitar and a OME banjo.  
Now they are out of their cases and are proudly displayed on your stands.  Exceptional workmanship and superb finishing
details.  Obviously you take great pride in what you do and your stands enhance not only my instruments, but my music room
Jay Easterling
North Carolina
Thanks for your quick shipping and this great stand.
They are sturdy, look great, well made and Scott takes great care in his production of these stands. If you are looking for
a supportive, sturdy, great looking guitar stand, I recommend giving South Mountain Woodworks a look. It is lightweight,
well balanced and although it comes in two pieces assembly takes all of 30 seconds. The neck support is held in place
with a magnet and is a very creative design. Mine is Walnut / Cherry and I couldn't be happier.
I'd been looking for a banjo stand that was a piece of art for displaying my banjo.
You're a true craftsman, and your stands are beautiful.
Displaying my banjo will allow me to play it more often which was my objective in buying your beautiful stand.
Shipping was fast and stand was packed very well.
Great work,
Hi Scott,
I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful banjo stand! My husband absolutely loves it and appreciates all the
one-of-a-kind design features like the magnets. He's been playing his banjo a lot more now that it's displayed so nicely.
Thank you!   Tamara
I hope all is well with you.  On Friday I posted a photo composite of South Mountain Woodworks and it has reached out
to more than 1500 people and climbing.  Your stands are gorgeous and my two are always prominently displayed in my
music office.  I may be somewhat prejudiced but your design is far better than those that let the instrument hang out
there waiting to be damaged.  Keep it up!
Steve Wagner
South Mountain Woodworks
I was very interested in one of Scott's custom stands. I got stuck in the choice of which woods to use, so I sent Scott a
couple of pictures of my guitar in the space where I planned to use the stand and asked him for recommendations. He
replied that although it was a very subjective decision, he would recommend using mahogany and ebony. He made that
call not just as a result of seeing the guitar, but also took into consideration the wood colors where the guitar would be
displayed. Based on what I was seeing on his website, I trusted him as an artist to make the right call. Am I ever glad I
did! The piece is beautiful, blends in both with the other wood in the room, and also perfectly with the guitar. I could
not be more pleased. Thank you, Scott!!
Brian Beck
I am so pleased with these latest stands.  As with my earlier stands & wall mounts, they are both lovely and
functional.  Not only is the workmanship admirable, the designs well balanced and the woods gorgeous, but my
instruments are well protected and easily accessible .  The entire experience from ordering to receiving was easy
and pleasant.  Thank you!  Thank you!
Thérèse Pasquesi
I received my cherry/walnut banjo stand today.  I appreciate the time you took discussing my concerns before I ordered.
Thank you for sending me a beautiful piece of furniture, way more than just another banjo stand. The workmanship is
impeccable. I assembled it in about two minutes and put it to use. The stand is a work of art plus it is stable, safe and
secure.  I'll send you a couple of photos of the stand at work holding one of my 1960's era VEGA longnecks.
Louisville, KY
Hi Scott,
I have received the stand, and I have to say, it's a masterpiece of design and construction ! I LOVE it ! I will cherish this
forever. You are absolutely the best ! To anyone else reading this.....do not hesitate to purchase one of these........A
great example of the American craftsman tradition ! All I can say is wow...and .....thank you Scott !!!
Mark Whitaker
California Academy Of Sciences
San Francisco, CA